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Sustainable Management

Introduces Precision electronic components and global

Ethical Management

JAHWA Electronics adopted by the management philosophy "ethics and morality", fair and free market competition in order to achieve the business philosophy through business activities that comply with the spirit of the various legal regulations and laws.

Professional and efficient management activities through the creation of shareholder value , and corporate wealth and prosperity coexist with stakeholders by performing the role of distributing them fairly to stakeholders. Therefore, the JAHWA Electronics is set to the highest ethical corporate culture, values ​​and character make it a cornerstone naganeunde developed by leading companies grow through it.

Chapter 1. responsibility and duty for customer

Chapter 2. Regulatory compliance and Respect for free competitive market order

Chapter 3. Coexistence with partner suppliers

Chapter 4. Basic ethics of executives and employees

Chapter 5. Responsibility for employees

Chapter 6. Responsibility for the nation and society

Chapter 7. Addendum

Practice Bureau

Ethics secretariat and perform various tasks on ethics to be settled corporate ethics proof of every employee 's behavior and judgment far beyond the employees and symbolic meaning.

Check compliance with the Code of Conduct and Ethics Guidelines and wrong practices with respect to violations of grabbing just check , are leading an ethical corporate culture established by corrective measures.

It is limited only by the efforts of Ethics and Management Office , employees as well as customers , suppliers , etc. will be available should the cooperation of all those who care about our company gives.

Ethic Practice Bureau

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