JAHA ELECTRONICS will comply with all relevant laws and regulations in business activities, respect commercial practices, and secure superiority in free market competition thorough fair and transparent manner.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

1.1 We comply with all laws and regulations of domestic and overseas that conduct business activities, respect commercial practices and secure competitive advantage through fair and transparent methods.

1.2 Overseas resident employees must observe and comply with applicable laws and regulations in their respective areas.

1.3 We will comply with the International Commercial Bribery Convention of the Organization for International Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Korean Law for ‘the Prevention of International Commercial Bribery’.

2. Respect for the order of Free Market

2.1 In accordance with the principle of free competition, we respect market competition order at domestic and overseas.

2.2 We pursue competitive activities that are based on mutual respect with our competitors and do not infringe on the interests of our competitors or exploit their weak points.

3. Use legitimate information for business purpose

3.1 Obtain and use information legally and in accordance with commercial practice.

3.2 Do not unreasonably leak legitimately obtained competitors’ information to outside.

3.3 Do not slander or unfounded comparisons to competitors through advertising.