Jahwa Electronics respects every employee as a personality, treats fairly according to his / her abilities and accomplishments, and makes every effort to fully demonstrate the creativity of employees.

1. Respect Executives and Employees

1.1 Jahwa Electronics respects each employee as an independent personality based on human dignity.

1.2 Employees will do their best to achieve pride and reward through work based on their own consciousness.

1.3 Establish a system to enable employees to perform their duties in a legitimate way, and take necessary measures such as education instruction.

2. Fair treatment

2.1 Education, promotion, promotion, age, disability, marital status, nationality, nationality, etc. are awarded according to unbiased standards, irrespective of factors, gender, region, age, nationality, nationality, nationality, etc.

2.2 Provide employees with opportunities to improve their abilities, such as education, promotion, and job transfer, based on fair standards, without discrimination based on academic background, gender, region, age, disability, marital status, nationality or race.

3. Promotion of creativity

3.1 Jahwa Electronics establishes desirable human resources and talent development policy.

3.2 We support and actively support the necessary systems to foster employees as autonomous and creative talents.

3.3 To maximize the environment so that employees' creative thinking and autonomous behavior can be promoted.

3.4 Respect the individual's privacy and build a mature organizational culture based on mutual trust and understanding.