Jahwa Electronics will grow into a sound company through rational business development, thus protecting the interests of shareholders and contributing to the people's prosperous life and social development.

1. Rational business development

1.1 We carry out business by respecting local social value regardless of domestic and overseas.

1.2 We will abandon absurdity that hinders sound business activities and plan to increase business on the basis of stable growth of society.

2. Protection of shareholder interests

We respect the rights of shareholders, fair demands, proposals, and official decisions, establish a transparent management system for shareholder and mutual trust, maintain accurate accounting records in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards, We will realize sound profit through effective management for the reward.

3. Contributing to social development

3.1 We shall fulfill our responsibilities and obligations as corporate citizens who contribute to national development through the creation of employment and sincere reporting and payment of tax, and are praised by educational culture and welfare society projects.

3.2 We humbly accept the legitimate demands of society and local residents and try our best to solve them.

4. No Political Involvement

4.1 Respect the individual's right to vote, disclose the political position as an employee's personal status, and make individual contributions for candidates or political parties that the individual chooses. However, care should be taken not to misunderstand the company's position.

4.2 Jahwa Electronics does not engage in politics and does not allow any political activity in the workplace and does not provide illegal donations or expenses directly or indirectly.

5. Environmental protection

We will make every effort to protect the environment, to preserve the clean environment, and to comply with all laws and regulations related to environmental protection.