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BLDC Motor & Geared Motor

PMDC/BLDC Motor를 Gearbox와 결합하여 저속/고출력 Torque 구현한 제품



Camera Module

Product that made for equipped to mobile phone and/or black box, it is easy to assemble and small and light



Integrated OIS & Shutter Actuator

Image Stabilizer lens removable manner OIS, Shutter, ND , each of three drives an integrated all-in-one device with one product



Auto Focus Actuator

Apparatus for providing a clear image by the automatic focus adjustment by moving the Lens according to the shooting distance to the subject



Vibration Motor

Silent call means and compact vibration motor is built and the called communication device to provide a vibration to the user and the Feedback


Laser Printers & Copiers

Primary Charge Roller

Part which serves for charging a fixed charge on the OPC Drum surface


Laser Printers & Copiers

Supply Roller

Roller that supply toner to Developer roller continuously. It has electrical characteristic


Laser Printers & Copiers

Magroller Assembly

Magroller Assembly is made of Magnet Roller and Mag Sleeve, it is supplying magnetic toner to phenomera drum sustainly.


Laser Printers & Copiers

Developer Roller

It supplies toner to OPC surface received by supply toner, and it phenomenize the image


Home Appliances

PTC Thermistor

During the initial motor starts it flows required current and shuts down the flow. It is used in refrigerator air conditioning system etc