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Personnel System / Benefits Package

JAHWA is looking for people with the creativity

Eligibility Condition


Follow company regulations

Work Hour

08:20 ~ 17:30

Promotion Process

Staff –> Assistant Manager –> Chief –> Manager –> Deputy General Manager –> General Manager

Evaluation Administration

Running fair and objective evaluation system to achieve company's tactical target.

Evaluation system

1. Evaluate achievement of organization : Quantitative eveluation model, Aptitude evaluation

2. Individual result evaluation : Evaluation of achivements, Capacity evaluation

Evaluation season

Once a year

Practical use of evaluation

Portion of annual salary based on performance, Promotion / Job rotation, Education and Traning, Bonus

Benefits Package

Housing fund support

Housing and rent fee support

Complete health examination

Performed annualy for every employee who is over 40 years old

Support school expenses

Support school expenses for employee's children(kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school and university)

Congratulations and condolences support

Provide Congratulations and condolences and vacation for every kind of family event

Running Commuter bus

Running Commuter bus around Cheong-ju city

Running cafeteria at work

Provide 3 meals per day

Provide vacayion facilities

Maintenance condo membership for employee's vacation

Support for long service

Provide rewards and over sea vacation for long service employee

Provide gift for employees

Provide gift 3 times a year

Provide incentive to researcher

Provide development incentive and research allowances

Running dormitories

Running dormitories for employees who lives in long distance

Running flexible benefit plan

Can choose benefit plan by own preferences

Running fitness center at work

Running fitness center at work for employee's health promotion

Support club society

Support club activities and fund