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Thermal Spread Sheet


Explanation Distribute the heat uniformly from the heat source of various electronic apparatus(Flat display LED, OLED TV or laptop etc), also transfer heat to case, serves to release heat to the outside
Usage PDP, laptops , cell phones
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What is Graphite?

Natural graphite is made of carbon, and most of the crystal is hexagonal

Carbon is connected to the hexagon as a benzene ring, these hexagon makes plate material with continuous layer. Carbon atom and three of the strong covalent bonding electrons On the plane , one electron remains are combined with the up or downstairs.



High conductivity ⇒ thermal conductivity is also superior than acrylic/silicone

Flexible ⇒ Can freely make roll/sheet form

Prevent debris/detachment occurs ⇒ Special treated

Long life cycle ⇒ there is no need to maintenance heat resistance and corrosion resistance

Price competitiveness ⇒ It is more cheaper than other materials in same purpose

Slim ⇒ Easy to make slim with a thim paper form

Degrees of freedom ⇒ canbe adhesived with any form